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Sourcing, logistics and testing services are an important function of our company and a value-added service to our clients: We take care of everything before and after the manufacturing process and offer our clients the following:
• Excellent relationship with many proven and reliable Chinese manufacturers
• Rigorous selection process for qualified manufacturers
• Perform in-house QC tests prior to shipment
• For cGMP products: cGMP system audit and improvement, compliance monitoring, DMF filing, regulatory and client inspection hosting
• Comprehensive documentation package to ensure seamless export & import
• Door-to-door logistics support
• Net 30 day payment terms for qualified clients
• Competitive price due to larger combined purchasing volume from different clients
Our dedicated business development professional staff are fully committed to provide our clients with first-class services.
ICH Stability Storage & Testing ICH Stability Storage & Testing


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Sourcing, Logistics & Testing