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Agno Pharma is a global pharmaceutical contract research and manufacturing organization (CRO & CMO), with a US-FDA approved, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, & OHSAS 18001 certified GMP API manufacturing facility in China. We engage in the research, development, manufacturing, sourcing, marketing, and distribution of chemically and biologically derived pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs, and fine chemicals. Agno Pharma is a leading CRO/CMO, providing a broad range of high-quality, integrated services across both drug discovery and drug development. We are a fully integrated company with in-house business development, R&D, manufacturing and regulatory compliance capabilities. Our company is founded upon our belief in the synergistic merger of ICH pharmaceutical technologies, management, product registration, and cGMP compliance, together with China's cost-effective research, development, and manufacturing capabilities. This synergy allows us to provide the highest quality products and services to our clients in a timely manner that is extremely cost competitive. Agno Pharma has successfully established a fully integrated services and technology platform during the past decade. Over the last ten years, we have established an excellent track record in meeting ICH country client's expectations. Our clients span from small startup biopharmaceuticals to the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. Our projects and products range from pre-clinical to commercial to generic. We work on scales ranging from milligram to hundreds of metric tons. All members of our organization are fully committed to quality and compliance to ensure our services and products meeting the highest quality standards. Each member of our experienced US, Europe, and Japan business development team has more than ten years of pharmaceutical industry experience working for multinational pharmaceutical companies prior to joining our management team. Furthermore, our client's intellectual property is honored and protected by our honest and dedicated people with the highest integrity, in addition to our vigorous IP protection systems. Over the last ten years, in addition to establishing our US-FDA approved and inspected manufacturing facility, we have established an excellent network of proven and reliable Chinese manufacturers. This allows us to provide efficient and cost-effective sourcing services to our clients. In addition, we have filed numerous US DMFs (in CTD format) and implemented ICH cGMP compliance systems for many Chinese generic API manufacturers. This allows us to exclusively distribute many quality and cost-effective generic APIs from China to ICH clients. All products provided by our Chinese manufacturer partners are tested in-house independently to verify product quality prior to shipment. This additional service ensures that our clients are receiving timely and quality products at all times. Agno Pharma is a member of SOCMA and DCAT. We honor and practice ChemStewardˇs core principles to ensure all our services and products are environmentally friendly.
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