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Protecting our client's and our own intellectual property (IP) is a top priority for our organization and paramount for our success. Our IP protection starts with the hiring of managers and employees with the high honesty and integrity, and with experience and training in protecting intellectual property. Our business development team is led by US client managers that uphold the highest ethical standards and integrity. Our China R&D team is led by US PhD returnees whom have greater than ten years of experience in the US pharmaceutical industry, with extensive training and experience in IP protection. Our company performs a background check on all employees and it is company policy for all employees to sign CDAs. In addition to hiring people with the highest ethical standards, we have client, product, and raw material coding systems in place. All of our client and product codes are coded by our US led business development team. In addition, product codes are changed from R&D to manufacturing. Our data and written reports are stored in the company server, which is constantly monitored and access is limited. This limited access is achieved by the use of a security scanning system.

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