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Agno Pharma provides excellent project management to our clients and it is one of our core competencies. Our project management system starts with the "single-point-of-contact" concept. This concept assigns an experienced client manager to each client. All of our client managers have over ten years of industrial experience prior to joining our organization. The client managers are not only technically competent, but more importantly, fully understand the needs of our clients. All of our client managers are residents of the client's country of residence, and as a result, there is no time zone, cultural differences, or language barriers in communicating updates or project-related issues. Agno Pharma has comprehensive experience with delivering materials worldwide in strict conformity with all international rules and regulations. All shipments to pharmaceutical/biotech customers come with a certificate of analysis and MSDS. During production and upon delivery, we provide COA with supporting spectra and chromatograms, along with weekly updates. In addition, we provide Project coding to protect your IP, along with SOPs, batch records, and QA/QC controls in place for all projects. All of our projects are managed by our "Project Management" standard management procedure (SMP). Our project management SMP links all other functional units. These functional units start from our Operation Support department, followed by R&D, Manufacturing, and Quality. Our project management process is demonstrated in the flowchart below:


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